DataSync 1.2 Patch File 1

Posted by WebMaster (webmaster) on Oct 20 2011
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DataSync File Patch 1 Bug Fix Liste

Bug Fixes:
671338 - MeetingResponse handler needs to support multiple <Request> elements
715791 - Mobility Threads maxing out
721568 - Retracted appointment not getting deleted from device
711827 - Declined/Deleted appointments never get removed from device
696415 - Resend/retract causes duplicated appointments in Always-on lab
713935 - Battery life of iPhones dramatically dropped after applying 1.2 patch (build 579)
710448 - Mobility going in a loop with "Waiting for email to sync before syncing linked calendar item"
715941 - Recurring Appointments missing on iPad after resend
713348 - Reply To field not being understood by device
711940 - Regression: Cannot send email with extended characters in subject line after 579-Version
711815 - unable to sync appts from GW to device after upgrade to deleware
710256 - File name becomes garbled if attached file name contains German umlaut characters
710187 - Have to hit the sync button multiple times to get everything to sync to the phone
724716 - Mails refreshing over and over again
716261 - Attachments go missing
722911 - Mails getting messed up on Device
720498 - Preview of the mail messed up if the mail only contains HTML and no plain text

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