GroupWise Mobility Service 2.1 verfügbar ...

Posted by Support NBS (technik) on Feb 26 2015
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GroupWise Mobility Service 2.1 Highlights:
  • Sticky Notes: Notes created in a mobile device’s Notes app are synchronized to GroupWise, and Discussion Note items created in the GroupWise client are synchronized to the mobile device’s Notes app.
  • Syncable Follow-up Flags: Manage tasks better with task status indicators that sync from desktop to mobile and back again. GroupWise items that are flagged on a user's mobile device are displayed in the GroupWise client’s Tasklist.
  • More Supported Devices and OS's: Newer versions of Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Blackberry devices and operating systems are now supported via ActiveSync 14.x.


  • Microsoft Outlook 2013 Client "First Look": The Microsoft Outlook 2013 client for Windows can now be used against a GroupWise back-end! This feature is very exciting for some of our customers. As you discuss this with them, please remember to emphasize that although it is now possible, this is NOT YET an officially supported configuration, though we anticipate it becoming one in a future release. More information about the limitations of using Activesync 14.x to run Microsoft Outlook 2013 against GroupWise can be found here.

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