Novell Filr 1.1 Patches

Posted by WebMaster (webmaster) on Dec 22 2014
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Novell Filr 1.1 Patches enthalten folgende Fixes:
Readme for Filr- (Hot Patch 1 - 663)
The following issues are addressed with this patch:
TID 7015968 - Long delay when trying to view User properties
TID 7015969 - Clicking OK button multiple times during a copy/move operation may trigger multiple copy/move actions
TID 7015970 - User admin cannot login if all index nodes are set to write-only mode
TID 7015971 - Renaming a folder at root level of a Net Folder via Desktop client blocks further operations on that folder
TID 7015972 - Disabling Desktop client site wide also disables Desktop client settings for individual users
TID 7015973 - Mobile Application settings for users or groups sometimes do not stick
TID 7015974 - Email link using Filr to share files have incorrect host name in URL
TID 7015975 - Very slow login time from Web interface after 1.1 Upgrade
TID 7015976 - Long delays when trying to click anywhere in Web interface after 1.1 upgrade
TID 7015977 - Downloading a file using the Desktop can potentially delete the file from backend filesystem
TID 7015978 - Some folders are not listed when using the Desktop clients Add folders to sync menu
For more details, please review the TID number at
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